Three Approaches to Collaborate

Industry Express agreements provide a simple framework to remove financial uncertainty that can be associated with access to university-developed intellectual property (IP) rights. In all cases, background IP is not automatically included and the company pays all IP fees. Agreement among the industry partner, CSU, and the faculty investigator will be established prior to work and any pre-obligation of IP rights. For additional information, contact the Technology Transfer Office. Click here for a PDF file of the three approaches.

Express 1
Non-Exclusive Royalty Free License

Allows a company to quickly enter into a research agreement.

The company receives a fully paid up, royalty free, non-exclusive license to IP and an option to negotiate an exclusive license. There are no upfront fees or annual minimum royalties. An exclusive license can be negotiated after IP is developed.

Express 2
Paid Up Exclusive License

Allows a company to retain exclusive rights to the IP created from sponsored research.

The company pre-pays greater of $15,000 or 15% of total sponsored research budget. No initial running royalty, annual minimums, or sublicensing fees are required. License requires 1% royalty on licensed product once cumulative sales reach $10M.

Express 3
Ownership Assigned to Sponsor

Allows a company to own CSU invented IP without paying royalty fees.

Ownership of CSU project IP is assigned to the company. Company prepays an additional fee of 75% of the full cost of the sponsored research project for the ownership of IP.