June 2024

Dr. Becky Odom-Bartel, an assistant professor in the Department of Teacher Education, alongside co-PI Dr. Chansu Yu, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), will lead CSU's engagement in a collaborative grant to expand the talent pipeline for computer science jobs. Cleveland State will receive $643,191 over four years from the National Science Foundation (NSF) as part of a consortium of participating universities that includes urban and rural institutions in Alabama (The University of Alabama, Tuskegee University), Michigan (Oakland University), Mississippi (Jackson State University, Mississippi State University), and Ohio (Cleveland State University, Central State University). In addition, industry partners will connect students with learning experiences in the automotive, health care, and wireless sectors. Read More »



Access the Cleveland Clinic/IBM Quantum Computer at No Cost Through August

Cleveland State is embracing quantum computing and quantum communications, both in the classroom and in our research labs. IBM deployed The IBM Quantum System One - the first on-premises quantum computer in United States at the Cleveland Clinic in March 2023. Now, through an agreement between CSU and the Clinic, CSU researchers can access the 127 Qubit quantum computer at no cost through August. Read More »


Tushar Borkar, Brian Davis, and Eric Schearer Receive Forging Foundation Funding

Faculty in CSU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering will perform applied research funded by the Forging Industry Education Research Foundation (FIERF). Dr. Tushar Borkar was awarded $57,235 for his project, titled “Investigation of Anti-Scale High Temperature Coatings for Forging Steel Alloys.” Dr. Brian Davis and Dr. Eric Schearer received $64,555 for their project “Exoskeleton for Reducing Injuries in the Forging Industry.” Read More »


Photo credit: Rainer Halama



US Patent Issuance

On April 16, 2024, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 11,959,110  titled Recombinant Prothrombin Analogues and Uses Thereof that names Dr. Michael Kalafatis, a professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry and a member of the Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease (GRHD). The inventive method comprises administering the polypeptide(s) of the general inventive concepts to a subject who has or is at risk of having arterial thrombosis. Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot inside a blood vessel, obstructing the flow of blood through the circulatory system. Arterial thrombosis means a blood clot has formed in the artery, which can be fatal.


Save the Date: Innovation Day Friday October 11, 2024

Innovation Day is organized jointly by Northeast Ohio Public Universities to demonstrate our role in Northeast Ohio’s innovation ecosystem and is sponsored by industry partners.

Registration and abstract submission information will be available here on July 1, 2024.


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