Our Partners

Special thanks to our Partners from both the economic development space and Manufacturing industry leaders. Check out the links below to learn more about these companies' work in promoting Industry 4.0 as well as adapting Smart Manufacturing in their operations.

Contributing Partners - Regionally Promoting the EMDiS Center

MAGNET's industry-specific engineering, strategic growth, and go-to-market expertise help manufacturers achieve excellence in products and processes.

Team NEO's blueprint initiative draws on insights from top industry leaders, nonprofits, community groups, educators and more to develop a vision for Northeast Ohio.

The Ohio Aerospace Institute has extensive experience working with multiple agencies in the government. In 31 years, they've won over $230 million in contracts which helped generate more than 1,700 jobs.

Manufacturing Works helps Northeast Ohio manufacturing companies thrive by delivering solutions that support their people, enhance their productivity, and help them prosper.

Industry Partners - NEO Leaders in Smart Manufacturing

Thogus engages clients at every stage of a product's lifecycle to understand shifting preferences, analyze trends to predict future demand, and deliver a better client experience.

Surgere is revolutionizing and expanding visibility into the physical supply chain with engineered and patented supply chain software, IoT-based sensors, and certified asset identity hardware.

Project Partners - Manufacturers Aligned with the EMDiS Center
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