Our Team

Our team in the EMDiS Center consists of a wide range of faculty experts and center management. Click on each of the faculty experts below to learn more about their specific expertise.

EMDiS Center Management

Jerzy Sawicki

Principal Investigator

Matthew Duplin

Project Manager, EMDiS Center

Benjamin Ward

Director, Research Development

Christopher Pokorny

Website Maintenance

Faculty Experts

Jay Chen

PhD. Operations Management

Moonwon Chung

PhD. Operations Management

Chih Hao Ku (Justin)

PhD. Information Systems

Zhiqiang Gao

PhD. Electrical Engineering

Sathish Kumar

PhD. Computer Science and Engineering

Chansu Yu

PhD. Computer Engineering

Hongkai Yu

PhD. Computer Science

Tushar Borkar

PhD. Materials Science and Engineering

Mehdi Rahmati

PhD. Electrical & Computer Engineering

Saeed Farahani

PhD. Mechanical Engineering

Bogdan Kozul